Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm embarrassed...

that I haven't posted on my blog since March. I guess that so much has happened - I haven't even had time to think - much less sit and blog.

I do love blogging, though. I guess I've really missed it. It's so important that I keep this blog up to date - not just for myself - but for my family.

I have been visiting Craigslist way too much since the summer. We bought a king-size bed frame, large dresser, and 2 side tables from a girl in Fuquay in July. Our 16 year old 4 poster bed had a broken frame - and boy, could our bed creak. Eric and I have talked for years about a king-size bed and I saw this posting for a bed set in Fuquay- and I went to see it and it was really pretty. We have our queen - size mattress on the floor in our bedroom now because we want to research mattresses and get the best deal as well as good quality.

Then I came across the deal of the century. I've been praying about getting a Cricut EXPRESSION (I've had the baby Cricut for 6 years now) and a girl was selling one for $85 and 3 cartridges. The machine is practically brand-new! It was the best bargain and I'm thrilled with the larger size Cricut.

Now I"m playing with the idea of buying the Cricut software OR another software for the machine so I can weld letters, cut shapes from my computer and free myself up from the cartridges. I'm still researching that part. I think I'll "probably " go with Make the Cut software because a friend said it was the best and pretty user friendly.

SO, I've been cutting lots with my Expression. Mostly shapes and such to make cards. Also, using the texture embossing folders from Tim Holtz as backgrounds on my cards. OH! and how I love using the "color core" cardstock. It's beautiful when embossed and then lightly sanded. I'll post some cards. Gorgeous paper!

Cade (12 yo and 5'7" tall) is playing CCS Middle School soccer. Only 20 boys tried out and 15 made the team (including him). It's been an interesting commitment - especially since he can't stay focused. He has to be out of bed by 5:30 a.m. and at practice at CCS by 6:30 a.m. Eric has been driving him that early and going to work early. Cade has a game every Tues. and Thurs. afternoon at 4:00 pm (usually) for the next 8 weeks. He plays center defense. He could be quite good - but he only expends as little energy as he can possibly get away with and still get the job done. He could be FABULOUS if he put some energy into it. He looks so lazy out there. I don't know if it is laziness ... but he sure looks relaxed out there on the field. Eric told me that he went to his club soccer practice last Tuesday. His team was scrimmaging against girls. He was center D and would NOT let the girls past him. He was amazing and worked SO hard. I believe that it was because he was NOT going to let girls beat him. He actually played HARD. I wish I could have seen that! You can see Cade in picture at the top of this post. He's with his team. He is so much more interested in socializing and talking with the guys. Go figure!

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