Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a day! Actually, what a week!

Aren't these the 2 cutest girls? Amy (my niece) and Noelle (my daughter) last year before all the craziness that happened. I wish we could have stayed in the sweetness. But things went really bad a few months later after this picture. A year later and I'm still reeling from all the drama. I wonder when my emotions will calm down and I can relax. Maybe not for many more years to come. I'm learning to trust. Learning. Trust. Gratefulness.

I found some new albums and page protectors that I adore! I don't want to make a full-blown layout for every picture (or event) and the We R Memory Keepers had the solution I've needed. The page protectors fit in 12 X 12 notebook style albums. You can use normal top-loading page protectors OR divided page protectors. I love being able to slide my 4 X 6 photos right into a divided portion on the page protector. I'll have to post some of the pages I've done. It's especially working for all the soccer pictures I've taken over the years. I don't want to do a whole layout on one soccer game! So, now I can put a few details down and get the memory recorded without having to spend HOURS creating soccer layouts. Pretty cool.

This picture of Cade (above) was taken at a church retreat by one of the counselors. The pic is not great because it was taken by a phone.. but it shows Cade - the real Cade. He is so sweet and yet he can be very mischievous and playful. He loves to make jokes and play around - lots of rough-housing. But he is sensitive too. He hates arguing and yelling. He is gentle with our 2 cats and loves to hug. I'm so thankful the Lord put Cade in our lives. What would life be like without all his little Cade antics??


Loved this from another blog

Isn't it just the best? It's so true...

Have a blessed day!