Friday, May 17, 2013

Late V-Day post

I meant to post this Valentine's card in February. Oh well. I used my Cameo to cut out "Happy Valentine's Day" and the red hearts. I used red polka dot washi tape. I LOVE washi tape! I have so much of it - I just need to USE it!
The reason I addressed the card's envelope to: "Cade - the mighty Sumo Wrestler" is because of the picture BELOW:

During Spirit Week at school, the entire 9th grade voted for Cade to represent them in the Sumo Wrestling contest against another student in the 12th grade. Cade and the 12th grader both wore these outfits - which looked even funnier in real life - and wrestled until someone pushed the other out of the circle (on the floor). And there really was no way for the boys to really get hurt because of all the padding and air in the outfits. When all was said and done, Cade actually beat the Senior by pushing him out of the circle 3 out of 4 times!! Cade is so strong. And he's tall - about 6 feet now. I think he really had fun. But he took it very seriously. Very. He did not want to look weak in front of the chicks!

I was so glad I captured these pictures. It DOES pay to keep a small camera in your purse!! hee, hee..

Thankful for today

I am thankful for today.
That I am here, right now, where I should be. Where God put me.
Things have been so hard.
Eric's health; his heart transplant, all the drugs he's on, his fragility.
The week in the hospital with pneumonia. That was so scary.
I wish I could say I am always supportive. Last Saturday, I just cried all day.
But, I have to concentrate on today. Just today.
Because today has enough problems of its own. And I am not promised tomorrow.
When I start to worry or let my mind concentrate on negative thoughts, I start going down.
And fast.
Because I am thinking of next week, or the next month, or even the next year.
I have no control. Over anything. Not one thing.
And any control I think I have, is all an illusion.
An illusion!

I am choosing right now to trust the Lord. Because He loves me.
He is faithful. Always, always has been.
And I'm so grateful. So very grateful.

Heather xo

Thursday, March 21, 2013

OMG. I haven't written in my blog for WAY TOO LONG. I have missed my blog!

I resigned from the design team I was a part of. There were many reasons why... but I don't want to bore you with the details. Suffice to say, the company is very disorganized; sent the dies a week before the my projects were due so that I would have to rush and practically kill myself to finish on time; AND after all the work and time I would spend on the project, many of them were NOT even posted! So, here are just a few of the projects I created using the dies.


For the project below, I cut a tag out with my cricut machine, tore some white glitter paper and then used the dies to make a snowy scene. Then I tied the tag to the outside of a box.

Below is one of my most favorite projects ever! I used an old frame, cut a doily with my silhouette, and layered a snowy scene using the dies. I used this home d├ęcor piece during the Christmas holidays. I still can't understand why this project was NEVER posted on the website. But, I like it.

Well, I'm tired. I will NOT be absent from this blog for long. I promise to be back soon! Hugs,
Heather xo


Monday, November 26, 2012

New Die-Version Die Creations for Black Friday

I hope your Thanksgiving was as special as mine! Our family met my sister, her family and my brother about 3 hours away. We had a GREAT Thanksgiving at the ole Cracker Barrel and it was DELICIOUS. What's even better? I didn't have to cook OR clean up.

First up are 3 tags I created using Die-Versions Sweet Spots called "Jingle Bells". I used my handy Cricut machine to cut 3 tags out of dark green cs and then Reminisce patterened paper for the background.
These were so easy to make! Cut "Jingle Bells" out of green cardstock, use some stickles just on the words, and embellish your tags with hand cut holly leaves and the cutest little miniture red bells. I also hand-dyed the ribbon and there you have some jingly fun to top a Christmas present.

Next up is a super simple card you could whip up in no time! I used the Die-Versions Sweet Spots "Very Merry" die. Again, stickle the words, mount on a die cut round card, and add a rather large red flower below the sentiment. I also added the cutest Christmas washi tape on the background - plaid and red/white stripe.

To make it seem more wintry, I took a white pigment ink pad and rubbed the edges of the card as well as the flower.

That's it. I'll be back in a few days with some new creations featuring the Die-Versions December release. Now off to exercise some of the turkey and apple pie off!

Monday, October 29, 2012

More Die-Version Die Creations

I ate dinner and now I'm back with some more creations using the fabulous Die-Version Dies! I used a sweet petite die "love you" layered on top of the Whispers "Acorn Wreath die cut in cream cardstock. I also used the same die cut under the top right photo. "Our" was cut from the A Hint of Lime font and the word, "Punkin," used the "Oh Scarlet" alphabet dies. The banners at bottom of layout were all cut from yellow-striped ribbon. The layout looks so much better in real life. I just couldn't seem to get the color right when I took the picture.

New Designs for the Die-Versions October Release

The Die-Versions Dies for October 2012 are my favorite dies EVAH! The dies this month are all Christmas theme dies. The detail in these dies is extraordinary. You can check out the Christmas dies on the Die-Versions blog.  I made 3 different layouts, a couple cards and a gift bag.


This layout uses the Die-Versions Sweet Spot called "Good Luck". These little circle sentiments are so stinking easy to use on cards, layouts, gift cards, or tags. I also used the Die-Versions Little Lime font beside the number 9 for the "th" and "grade". Such a versatile alphabet.

 One of my most favorite cards. The sweet petites "Bells" die is so adorable. I cut it out in maroon and then used Stickles around the edges of the die. The 2 doilies were cut using my Silhouette Cameo.
Next up: I used the Die-Versions Sweet Petite Angel die, die cut out of glitter gold paper. I cut 4 doilies out of shiny gold cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo, folded them in half and glued back to back to each other. Then I glued the "wings" of each angel to the side of the doily. This ornament is so pretty hanging on the tree!

So many more projects to show BUT the family is calling me for dinner.
Check out all the cool projects at the Die-Versions blog that the design team has come up with.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whew! What a month!

Today marks the 1 month anniversary since Eric received his new heart. He's been out of the hospital for 3 weeks now and it has made a HUGE difference to our whole family that he is home. Just having him home makes everything seem easier, calmer, and more peaceful. Eric loves sitting in his new recliner and watching all the sports on the TV - especially since he has the oracle of ultimate control in his hot little hands! (aka, the remote control)

Eric is experiencing some rejection issues with his new heart. Last week's heart biopsy showed that he had moderate rejection so the docs quadrupled his steroids for 3 full days to suppress his immune system. He had his 4th biopsy today and the doctor seemed to indicate that Eric has signs of rejection right now. We will know tomorrow when the biopsy results come in. The normal protocol to treat rejection issues is to hospitalize the patient and give high doses of IV steroids. I can't lie... The last thing Eric and I want is to ever walk into that hospital again. But, the Lord IS good. He does absolutely know what He's doing. So Eric and I will have to surrender to Him and continue to trust Him.

I posted so many projects that I created using my Die-Versions dies in my last post. You know what I realized? That I gave way too many instructions!!! Just looking at my projects is enough. Sorry about the length of that post <3

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