Thursday, September 17, 2015

On my heart today

On my heart today are so many people, thoughts and dreams...

I think my kids take up most of my thoughts... along with my husband. Thankful that his health is so much better. Three years since his heart transplant... what a journey we have been on. And three kids at home. My biggest joy and my biggest frustration. How can both emotions be there at the same time and the same intensity? But it's the truth.

My artistic side is constantly changing. I love that and I encourage change. I don't want to be stagnant in any area of my life or personality. Spending lots of time looking at embroidery stitches. I have always loved stitching - it is so calming for me. I saw the small embroidery hoop necklaces - can you say ADORABLE! I am practicing stitches in the evening. I had no idea how hard it is to get even stitches and make the stitches pretty and consistent. I am hoping to make Margaret (my bff) a "M" embroidered necklace. Working on it! I found the cutest mini embroidery hoops on I contacted Wendy Gratz, site owner of She emailed me after I signed up for her blog feed - she asked me if I had any questions and if she could help me in any way! What? Hello? I have NEVER had anyone do that before! I am impressed. I asked her if she knew where to find the mini embroidery hoops for necklaces. She emailed me right after with a source on Etsy. How cool is she? Yep. Way cooooool.

Aren't these embroidered flowers in frames gorgeous? I am in serious "like" of these. The picture was posted on Pinterest... I can't find the link now...

Make it a great Thursday!
Heather xo

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Pocket Letters - my new addiction

I am going scrapbooking this weekend! I can't wait. It will be a very small group of women - about 5 of us. And there's a scrapbook store about a mile down the road. YAY!

I am still involved in many pocket letter swaps on It's been a lot of fun. I am going to finish the remaining swaps and take a break though. I spend at least 2 hours on each PL. That's just too much time for me right now. I need to be journaling on my layouts that I've done. And I have about 50 layouts needing journaling. So, I have to make priorities!

Teal Pocket Letter:
 Tropical Paradise PL:

Random PL to a lady in Sweden:

The photos do not do the PL's justice. I believe they look better in person. I hope my swap partners like them.

I went to the beach a couple of weeks ago - before all the shark attacks! I only stood about ankle deep in the ocean water. I went with 3 girlfriends and we had a BLAST! We ate seafood, drank wine (it's for therapy only- hee, hee), talked, sat by the ocean and laid out by the pool. I like the pool better... no sharks with sharp teeth looking for a juicy thigh.

My toes are on the bottom right. Yes, we all have cute toes that match our swim suits. We're good like that. Next to my foot to the left is Sue (or Cricket), then Renee, and Michelle (at the 12 o'clock position). I love these ladies!
Until next time!
Heather xxoox

Friday, June 5, 2015

Recent Pocket Letters

Haven't had time to post in awhile. Two weeks ago I went to Scrapbook Creations and cropped for 3 full days. FUNNNNN!!!!

This weekend I am headed to the beach. I haven't been down to the ocean in several years. And how I've missed the salt air, sand and ocean. So I won't be posting until I get back.

Anyhoo, I have been busy crafting Pocket Letters.

Here are some recent ones:
Owl Pocket Letter: I spent hours on this one. I watercolored behind all the mason jars, then watercolored in the mason jars. I stitched the bow. Then used watercolors. I colored in the digistamps with Spectrum Noir markers. This Pocket Letter was sent to Sweden.
Here are a few more PL's that I sent out today:

Friday, April 17, 2015

My new Addiction: Pocket Letters

I have been learning to color with alcohol markers which blend beautifully. I tried to attach a picture but it turned out huge when I inserted in this blog. Sorry about that! But I have been having a blast coloring all kinds digi stamp images. I especially enjoy Tiddly Inks images - the cutest little girls you've ever seen. I am crazy for cute, whimsical images and just can't help myself!

Below is a picture of my new obsession! POCKET LETTERS. Using a a 9 pocket baseball card sheet, fill each pocket with your paper, embellishments, ANYTHING and fold it into thirds and MAIL it to your "pal" in a #10 envelope. If you are interested in finding out about pocket letters (PL), visit or click here. Janette Lane, the creator of Pocket Letters, has revived pen pals and snailmail and raised it to an art form! I have joined many swaps on this swap. The PL below was sent to my swap partner and the theme was Spring. I received a PL back from my swap partner and it was precious. She lives in California so her pictures and embellishments reflected spring time in her region. I now LOVE to go to the mailbox. I never know when I will get a PL from one of my swap partners.

In the top left pocket: I die cut a bow out of felt. Top middle: I die cut a butterfly out of paper. Top right: I made flowers to crepe paper on toothpicks. Middle left pocket: behind the paper I put washi tape samples; Middle Pocket: Picture I printed of our state's flower. Middle right: behind the paper was green and yellow buttons held in by green washi tape. Bottom left was white, translucent confetti held in by green washi tape at top. Bottom middle, I stitched a heart. And bottom right holds a felt chicken I received as a gift. 

Lots of stuff going on personally. Cade's 11th grade year is winding down. He has two more weeks before summer. Hopefully he will get a little job this summer. He is going to apply at several places. His soccer team's schedule is also winding down. His team qualified for the state cup because of their wins during the season. Last week, Cade had the winning goal at the last minute of the game to advance to the quarter-finals of the state tournament. Tomorrow night they play a Charlotte team. IF his team wins, they will go to the semi's and then the finals this weekend. How exciting that they've made it this far!

There's our boy! I wouldn't mess with him on the soccer field either - 6 ft. 1 in., 190 pounds, large leg muscles, and size 14 soccer shoes.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Spring!

I wanted to wish you HAPPY Spring! What a gorgeous day it is here. I met my husband and daughter at an east Indian restaurant. The food was great. I order Chicken Tikka Masala - the "mildest" dish on the menu. :) Well, it was hot to me, anyway. But, oh so good. Noelle can't get it HOT enough. She order the hottest chicken dish (can't remember the name) and then went to the sauce bar and added MORE hot sauce. I can't image being able to eat food that is so hot. But she does it all the time.

I finished up my recipe cards for the recipe swap last week. At the scrapbook crop on Saturday, we all swapped our recipe cards.

I shared my Swedish Apple Pie recipe. If you like Apple Cobbler - then this is the recipe for you. Using my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, I colored my digital stamp called Woodland Background from Prairie Fairy Designs and mounted it on kraft colored card stock. It took me quite a few hours to color the image 16 times but I was pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful day with me! Here's to wishing you sunshine and rainbows!
Heather xo

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thoughts on Cade's 17th Birthday

Where did the time go? I sound like an old woman. Well, I'm feeling more and more like an old woman. My youngest turns 17 - yes, SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD.

He was the cutest little guy evah. I ain't lying. Our whole family was so in love with him. And sweet. Really sweet. Tenderhearted, energetic, compliant, deep thinker, loving, big heart, sensitive, and our son. I remember tucking his angel wings under him when he was a baby.

Now he's a 6 foot tall man - with hairy legs and face - who never wants to shave. He knows he can't have facial hair at school in the 11th grade. In the 12th grade, he can. He'll earn that privilege next year.

But he still has the same big heart and loving attitude. Most of the time. The other "times" I blame on hormones. He still has such a soft heart. But he is so tough. He is a really thick, muscular dude.

And we love him. I'm so glad the Lord gave him to us. Our family just wasn't complete until Cade became a part of it.

Heather, aka mama xoxoxxo

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Coloring Digital Stamps

As I promised yesterday, I have a few digistamps that I have colored.

Isn't she the cutest little girl? Created by Krista Smith on her website, Saturated Canary. This was one of the very first images I colored. Thus, as is obvious, I have a lot to learn. But with images like this, I will have SO much fun learning and coloring.
Same little girl colored a little differently. Maybe a little better? I'm thinking it's the brown hair. I am thinking of purchasing Copic markers JUST to color in the skin. The Spectrum Noir markers just aren't giving me the "shade" I want.  Many of these images are colored on Pinterest. (Don't compare my coloring to those women who are just amazing!)

Another adorable image! This typewriter image I purchased from a small shop called Pink Petticoat. I was drawn to her images - vintage-y and cute. I've always loved typewriter images. Why? I don't know but the vintage-looking typewriters are the cutest!

From Pink Petticoat is this adorable cake stand. Not my best coloring job. And too many colors were used. I will be re-doing this image ASAP!
Awwww. Isn't she sooooo precious! And a cat hat and cat balloon? I HAD to have this image. Tiddly Inks is credited with this image and this little girl is named Wren. I need to color her again and try to use different colors. But, oh what fun to color!

Have fun searching for your own fun images! I would love to hear of any cute digital stamp websites or Etsy shops that you like also.

Have a great day!
Heather xo