Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scrapbooking ALL Weekend!

I went to visit my sister near Greenville, SC. She suggested that we scrapbook some. And that we did. We really had a good time and spent hours just talking. She is such a sweet sister. I don't deserve such a sweet sister - who truly cares about me and encourages me. She is so spiritually minded and always reminds me to count ALL my blessings - which are so many!

We made a trip to Hobby Lobby but we restrained ourselves and didn't buy a ton there. I purchased a Smash Book with all the "fixings" for my Jennie's daughter, Amy, my niece. She already loves scrapping so I think she'll really enjoy her Smash Book. What a dear, sweet niece she is!

Jennie and I also talked long and hard about the upcoming missions trip that I will be joining her family for - June 21st through July 3rd - at an Indian reservation in Montana. I am SO excited! It is really basic living out there... there is NO Starbucks. I don't know how I'll survive - but maybe I will just learn how really spoiled I am! Really! I am getting more excited and so want my life to be more than JUST about ME!

I will post a few layouts that I've created recently. I've been relaxed and only worried that I like the layouts and that I"m having fun. That's it. How freeing that has been!

Here's a picture of my sweet sister, Jennie!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Layout Dilemma (2 recent Layouts)

I have a dilemma:
 I have submitted layouts month after month to Scrapbook Trends magazine. Here are two layouts I submitted last month for the girlfriends category. I love - I mean LOVE - My Mind's Eye papers, brads, embellishments - EVERYTHING from My Mind's Eye. And their Lost and Found collection is so pretty - especially for girlfriend layouts. So my dilemma: Do I RE-SUBMIT layouts to a magazine if they aren't accepted previously for the publication?

I just can't decide. I guess I would be interested in what the magazine would think if you re-submit. Also, I think Scrapbook Trends looks specifically for layouts from the big name women in scrapbooking... those who have big blogs, lots of advertising, etc. My blog needs work. I admit it. I am learning how to improve it slowly. Especially with all the family problems we have been having.

I also submit to Cricut magazine. I had TWO layouts and ONE framed piece published in the April 2012 issue. That's so exciting! But I would LOVE to be published in other mags.

Any opinions on my dilemma? Do you re-submit the same layouts later IF the layouts weren't chosen?  I'd love to hear from you. Truly!