Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Pocket Letters - my new addiction

I am going scrapbooking this weekend! I can't wait. It will be a very small group of women - about 5 of us. And there's a scrapbook store about a mile down the road. YAY!

I am still involved in many pocket letter swaps on www.pocketletterpals.com. It's been a lot of fun. I am going to finish the remaining swaps and take a break though. I spend at least 2 hours on each PL. That's just too much time for me right now. I need to be journaling on my layouts that I've done. And I have about 50 layouts needing journaling. So, I have to make priorities!

Teal Pocket Letter:
 Tropical Paradise PL:

Random PL to a lady in Sweden:

The photos do not do the PL's justice. I believe they look better in person. I hope my swap partners like them.

I went to the beach a couple of weeks ago - before all the shark attacks! I only stood about ankle deep in the ocean water. I went with 3 girlfriends and we had a BLAST! We ate seafood, drank wine (it's for therapy only- hee, hee), talked, sat by the ocean and laid out by the pool. I like the pool better... no sharks with sharp teeth looking for a juicy thigh.

My toes are on the bottom right. Yes, we all have cute toes that match our swim suits. We're good like that. Next to my foot to the left is Sue (or Cricket), then Renee, and Michelle (at the 12 o'clock position). I love these ladies!
Until next time!
Heather xxoox