Friday, August 21, 2009

working at CCS

Well, it's been an interesting 3 1/2 weeks of school. I am enjoying the 5th grade immensely! I love this age so much - before they become "cool", full of adolescent hormones, and still think it's cool to be friendly to their teachers. Yeah... I do miss the cuteness factor of the little kindergartners. But that's about it. I don't miss tying the 40 pairs of shoelaces daily, talking about keeping your fingers out of your nose, and the labor-intensive "crafty" projects that is part of the kindergarten curriculum.

I like grading. I'm getting so much faster at it! I actually had to look for things to do for 20 minutes this morning. Which was perfectly fine for me. I never even had time to think in kindergarten - so I'm very happy with 5th. Also, Mrs. Robinson is so sweet! She is polite and very nice - I can work with anyone that treats me nicely. I'm very thankful for the big change this year.

This is my 6th year at CCS working. 1st year: Mr. Hollowell's Administrative Assistant in Middle School (grades 6-8); 2nd year: Administrative Assistant (part-time) for the front desk; 3rd year: Kindergarten Assistant for Nancy Mundinger and Birgit Hering in the mornings. Tutoring for David Lewandowski in the 5th grade in the afternoons; 4th year: 6th grade tutor (full-time) for David Lewandowski; 5th year: Kindergarten Assistant for Birgit Hering; 6th year (now) I'm a 5th grade assistant for Mrs. Robinson in the mornings. M.S. and H.S. Study Hall proctor in the afternoons. I'm here right now in Study Hall and I can at least type on my laptop here. That makes Study Hall at least bearable. Otherwise, I do NOT enjoy proctoring the Study halls. At all. I can at least check on my emails in here.

Well, I'm slowing down... It's almost over. I'm going home.
Looking forward to being with Eric all weekend. I love him...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christian's Future plans

Christian will be leaving for Texas in THREE weeks from today. I always thought I'd be ready for this. But I'm not. I'm really, really having a hard time in my heart letting him "go". I mean, he's 19 years old and not dependent on me at all; works at the ice cream shoppe, drives everywhere, and has graduated from high school. BUT, in my heart, I still cherish the little boy and he'll always be my first son. I am so sad just thinking about not having him around. He has such a great sense of humor. And he can be so funny - he really makes me laugh alot. When he leaves, I think then I'll realize in new ways how much I depended on him. His greatest gift (among his many!) is his servant heart. He will serve and not complain. He'll do anything around the school. He's humble and works HARD at everything he does. I asked him to load up a computer desk (free from work!) and he took it apart, put it in the van, took it out of the van at home and put it all back together in one afternoon. He NEVER complained - and he seemed to enjoy doing it. Wow. I'm really going to miss him. I know he'll come home in December. But once he leaves, he won't ever be the same.

Granite. On to another subject. Looking at quotes and trying to decide what color to put in our outdated, 15 year old kitchen laminate counters. Anything would be an upgrade, I can tell you. Then we will use a remnant piece of granite for our master bath. They just really need to be updated. The best quote is for $4,000... I am leary about using a company that we know nothing about. So, I'll wait for Eric to be happy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

new year in School!

Isn't my nephew handsome?? I'm so very, very proud of him! He went on a missions trip to India for 6 weeks over the summer. He lived with shepherds most of the time, slept in a tent, and basically got to know the mountain Indians of the Himalayas. He came back a different man... he was awesome before the trip but now he's even MORE awesome! My sister, Jennie, was so worried about him going to a third-world country but God took such good care of him. I'm glad he's back safe and sound though. ( I guess I was a little worried about him too. I guess Christians aren't supposed to use the word "worry" cause that means we're not very spiritual... hee, hee.) I'm going to visit my sister, Jennie, her husband, Fred, Ian and Amy (my nephew and niece) in 2 weekends. I know that Ian took a ton of photos - I can't wait to hear all about it!

Am I as smart as a 5th grader?? Well, I'll find out this year! I'll be grading all their math, spelling, grammar, history, etc., etc. and will test myself on my knowledge. I hope that I keep my brain working all my life - I think it helps you not get alzheimers. I let my mind get lazy over the summer and I stopped working on crossword puzzles daily. That's not a good thing. I should definitely go back to that. At least one puzzle a day to keep my mind sharp.

I found tons of pictures in the attic. I didn't even remember I had some of them. I'm so glad because there are pictures of my 18th birthday... church camp at Ridgecrest... a trip to Maine one summer with my dad, mom and Jonathan (brother)... I felt "wierd" afterwards. Almost sad. It was like I was looking at someone else and not myself... but I had all the memories of that person but I didn't feel like that person in the picture. Wierd. Really. I want to start scrapbooking them. I think it will be therapeutic for me to dredge up all those old memories and see how far the Lord has brought me. He has really done some good things in my life. He is good. I know He's good but when I see these pictures, I have proof of His goodness in my life if I'll just concentrate on Him and not forget. He has done miracles!

Well, I'm lovin' my 5th grade class and working for Mrs. Robinson. Wow! I had no idea how hard I had it last year. I'm so thankful that the Lord moved me. I have such peace working with Debora and we get along well. I really enjoy grading papers too. Once I learn how to do it all, then I can get speedier. Shurley Grammar takes a long time but hopefully I'll get faster and faster. I don't even mind going out for recess or P.E. Well, P.E. would have been really hot yesterday since the outside temp was 102* but thank God our class had P.E. today and it's around 85*. That feels like fall weather after Monday and Tuesday~!