Thursday, October 13, 2011

I guess I'd call these 'rejected' layouts`

The first two layouts I submitted to Cricut Magazine. I thought they were cute...Oh well. They weren't chosen so I am now posting them on my blog.

I created the "Dark Time" layout when our family was going through a rough time. To journal about it was really therapeutic for me. I watercolored on the paper; I felt like it looked a little like tears.

I submitted a few layouts to Cricut magazine and Scrapbook Trends magazine.

This layout reminded me of the mountain stream when I stuck my toesies in the cool water. It was truly a refeshing experience!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The October 2011 issue of Cricut Magazine is OUT!

I saw my layout in the issue.... page 77. I love how Northridge Publishing "staged" my layout of me and my 2 cats. Yes, I'm an avid cat lover. When I was growing up, my mom, brother and sister were SO allergic to cats and dogs - we had neither.
When Eric and I got married, I longed for a pet. Especially when we were going through infertility. Our first cat, Sorry, filled a real need in me to love on something (other than Eric). When we decided to adopt Christian from the Philippines (our first child), we had Sorry, the cat, adopted by a very nice woman and her son. About 8 years and 2 more children AND a new home later, a cat chose us. Navy, as we called this big cat, came to the back door and hit his head repeatedly on the window. Eric said we could NOT feed him. I put the kids to bed AND GUESS who gave the cat some MILK. Yeah, Eric. Well, Navy was ours from then on. One day, Navy went outside and never came back. I grieved for months. Literally. I was very attached to him.
Then a friend, Deborah, had a stray cat come to their door and since she already had a cat and a dog, she asked if we wanted her. So, Sophie became ours. She is a stub-tail cat, honey-colored, and so sweet. She loves to sit in my lap whenever I sit down and she's very verbal, always meowing up a storm.
How did we end up with two cats? Eric and I saw this beautiful white kitten with blue/green eyes in a pet store window while we were vacationing in Boone, NC. The store was closed but Eric wanted the cat. I figured that was the end of it. Well, the next day he suggested we go find out how much the cat cost. After picking myself up from the floor, I was all in. At the pet store, Q-tip because our second cat. She is playful, sweet and mischievous. Sophie didn't like her for about six months but now they are constant companions. Q-tip ACTS like Sophie is Alpha Cat - but we ALL know that Q-tip really is. Oh, the joys of animals. Actually, cats. I love cats!
I say all this because my layout is based on my cats. I have loads of pictures of my kids, my hubby, MYSELF, and this is the first layout ever published and it is about my cats. Go figure.
(but I am thrilled and humbled beyond belief!!)