Thursday, January 19, 2012


I had to work overtime this afternoon - due to an open house at the school. We are trying to increase class sizes and draw in new, like-minded families. Deborah, the teacher I work with, presented some new ideas today that I really need to ponder and pray about. I can't share now - but I could be very excited about it!

I took my first picture with my new Instax polaroid camera yesterday! And I already put it in my Smash journal - FUN! That was the main reason I bought the camera - to have pics to smash it in my journal- pictures that aren't necessarily scrapbook page-worthy but pictures that are still of my real, every day life. And it is going to be so much fun - I really love instant gratification too. Take a picture, wait for it to "develop", glue it in my Smash book, and journal.

If you aren't familiar with Smash - you should be. Absolutely. I went to an Archiver's crop this weekend and found a much smaller Smash journal that fits into my larger purses. I also have a larger Smash journal that I have almost filled up already. And of course, I have all the elements that you can buy to go with it - stickers, journaling cards (every theme, of course), date stamp, paper clips, etc. Just visit and be amazed. Lots of ideas - and these books can be used as a journal but ALSO, as so much more. There's also no pressure whatsoever in how you decorate it or smash it in. It's so freeing to have a place where I can journal, create - so unlike my layouts which I try to have look very good and "artistic". So, if you need some down time and creative freedom, Smash is for you. I can't wait to start a second book!

Also, I have 6 layouts that are going to be published in 3 of the upcoming Cricut magazines! I'm SO STOKED!!! I have a 2 layouts and a home decor piece in the March, 2012 issue; 1 layout in the April, 2012 issue; and 1 layout in the May, 2012 issue. IF you haven't discovered the Cricut magazine yet, you are really missing out. It's eye candy from cover to cover and continuously inspires me. I was first published in the October 2011 issue and the November 2011 issue. I can't tell you how humbling, gratifying, exciting and encouraging to have your "creation" being published. My goal this year is to be published in the Scrapbook Trends magazine by Northridge Publishing. I'm working on it... I'll let you know...

Got to go, peeps!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

sorry for long absence!

I got an iPad for Christmas - it has been so much fun just playing with it! I have a few games, a few photo apps, twitter, etc. and I am still lookingfor some great apps. If you know of any I just gotta have - leave me a comment! I would love to play Words with Friends with you, also, so give me a holler. I just purchased a little keypad on Amazon so I can more speedily update my blog. I've been waiting for it so I can type with any kind of "speed" and agility. I spent Friday and Saturday at a crop at Archivers. The store was chock full of new product and I wanted EVERYTHING BUT of course, I had self-control and only spent $30 or so. What I love about attending the crops is the 20% off your entire purchase. And you can still use your 30% off one item coupon, also. I decided to totally free myself up from all my "limits" that I put on myself when I'm scrapbooking - like, the "rules" in scrapbooking. I decided to have FUN and play with my paper, embellishments and photos. Just been reading Ali Edwards blog. Talk about inspiring. Ali never shifts from her FOCUS - TO tell the STORY of your life through scrapbooking. And have fun doing it. I love that. So that is what I focused on on Friday and Saturday. I sat with three really nice ladies and we all got along GREAT. I will be posting pictures of my layouts later this week. Thanks for dropping by.