Friday, May 17, 2013

Late V-Day post

I meant to post this Valentine's card in February. Oh well. I used my Cameo to cut out "Happy Valentine's Day" and the red hearts. I used red polka dot washi tape. I LOVE washi tape! I have so much of it - I just need to USE it!
The reason I addressed the card's envelope to: "Cade - the mighty Sumo Wrestler" is because of the picture BELOW:

During Spirit Week at school, the entire 9th grade voted for Cade to represent them in the Sumo Wrestling contest against another student in the 12th grade. Cade and the 12th grader both wore these outfits - which looked even funnier in real life - and wrestled until someone pushed the other out of the circle (on the floor). And there really was no way for the boys to really get hurt because of all the padding and air in the outfits. When all was said and done, Cade actually beat the Senior by pushing him out of the circle 3 out of 4 times!! Cade is so strong. And he's tall - about 6 feet now. I think he really had fun. But he took it very seriously. Very. He did not want to look weak in front of the chicks!

I was so glad I captured these pictures. It DOES pay to keep a small camera in your purse!! hee, hee..

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