Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My 2015 GOALS

1. I will blog weekly.

2. I will NOT be guilt-filled if  don't blog weekly.

3. I WILL be proud of myself - IF I do blog weekly.

4. I will be thankful. For everything and IN every circumstance.

5. I will remind myself daily that time is God's trainer. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. My cross to bear.

6. Live with no regrets. So when January 2016 comes around - I will not have regrets. What do I need to keep and what do I need to change so I will not have any regrets? I need to meditate on this...

7. I will forgive myself if I have regrets. I will not be so hard on myself! I'm my worst critic.

8. Journal, journal, journal on my pages. I would rather "create" new layouts - the artsy-fartsy stuff rather than take the time to journal. That's one of my regrets on earlier layouts. I will journal before I move on to another layout. There.

9. I will call these goals "Guidelines". Goals sounds too legalistic. It's just me. I hate rules for rules' sake. But I can "DO" guidelines and not feel pressure.

10. ENJOY the process. Enjoy my life, my husband, my kids. Enjoy life as it comes. Let go of the so-called "control" I think I have over my life. Haaaa haaaa. Control - such an illusion!

That's it folks!

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