Thursday, January 8, 2015

So sad...

At work there is news on the TV the entire 8+ hours I am working. I know way more about the world news than I EVER would WANT to know about.

It's terrifying watching the Islamic terrorists in France shoot a helpless, unarmed policeman yesterday. I couldn't watch it - it was so awful! I'm praying for the French people. It's heart breaking.

I have been creating some cards and gift boxes with tags lately. I am going simple. Or should I say "simpler"? Anyway, here's some things I've created. I just realized that I am loving bows lately. I used the Maggie Holmes metal dies and my Big Shot with felt.

I never can have enough Thank you cards OR Birthday cards.

I'm going to be creative this evening. It's so therapeutic for me. I just love the creative process.

Thankful that God is in control today.

Heather xo

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