Friday, August 21, 2009

working at CCS

Well, it's been an interesting 3 1/2 weeks of school. I am enjoying the 5th grade immensely! I love this age so much - before they become "cool", full of adolescent hormones, and still think it's cool to be friendly to their teachers. Yeah... I do miss the cuteness factor of the little kindergartners. But that's about it. I don't miss tying the 40 pairs of shoelaces daily, talking about keeping your fingers out of your nose, and the labor-intensive "crafty" projects that is part of the kindergarten curriculum.

I like grading. I'm getting so much faster at it! I actually had to look for things to do for 20 minutes this morning. Which was perfectly fine for me. I never even had time to think in kindergarten - so I'm very happy with 5th. Also, Mrs. Robinson is so sweet! She is polite and very nice - I can work with anyone that treats me nicely. I'm very thankful for the big change this year.

This is my 6th year at CCS working. 1st year: Mr. Hollowell's Administrative Assistant in Middle School (grades 6-8); 2nd year: Administrative Assistant (part-time) for the front desk; 3rd year: Kindergarten Assistant for Nancy Mundinger and Birgit Hering in the mornings. Tutoring for David Lewandowski in the 5th grade in the afternoons; 4th year: 6th grade tutor (full-time) for David Lewandowski; 5th year: Kindergarten Assistant for Birgit Hering; 6th year (now) I'm a 5th grade assistant for Mrs. Robinson in the mornings. M.S. and H.S. Study Hall proctor in the afternoons. I'm here right now in Study Hall and I can at least type on my laptop here. That makes Study Hall at least bearable. Otherwise, I do NOT enjoy proctoring the Study halls. At all. I can at least check on my emails in here.

Well, I'm slowing down... It's almost over. I'm going home.
Looking forward to being with Eric all weekend. I love him...

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