Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thoughts on this Liquid Sunshine Day

Our little Netherland Dwarf bunny, Buttercup, went to bunny heaven on Sunday afternoon. It tore my little heart out. She was so sweet, timid, nervous, loving, and all mine. She was black-ish with silver tips of hair on her ears and around her neck. She was SOOOO precious. I had no idea what a hole she would leave in my heart.

Christian, our oldest, wants another bunny right away - a bunny for himself. I told him I didn't want another bunny... I don't think I could go through this sadness again! But he said that Buttercup was so therapeutic for him and helped him emotionally. He is so very sweet inside... So here comes another bunny... probably another Netherland Dwarf doe. I gave him a list of bunny names - who knows if he'll use one of them, but they are really cute (or at least I think they are!)
Blossom, Bloom, Meadow, Willow, Thumper, Bashful, Reedy, Lilly, Petunia, Iris, and Penelope. My favorite two names are Meadow and Penelope for a bunny.

Bunnies are way UNDER rated as pets. They are the best pets and bring so much joy. I think people should consider them more as a household pet. Hamsters, gerbils, etc. are not HALF as sweet or fun as a bunny.

Now we have our two cats, Sophie and Q-Tip, which are very special to all of us. Both are not over 5 years old so hopefully we have many more years of enjoying them. I had no idea I was such an animal person! I realized it after working with Debora at school since she loved pets! I would love to have a dog but I am not home enough to give a dog the time and energy that one would deserve.

Bye, Buttercup! If there are bunnies in heaven, which I hope and pray there are, I will see you then!

Heather xo