Wednesday, February 3, 2016

So much happening in my little world

Getting our passports ready for our big trip to Ireland in September... can't wait. Making all the plans is so fun. Dreaming of our visits with Mark and Evette, David and May Marshall, Heidi Yoder, and Stephanie. Can't wait to see them! I am concerned about Eric and his health.. the long plane trip, staying in bed and breakfasts, new food, new germs.. oh well. We will take one day at a time.

Knitting is my obsession right now. I haven't scrapbooked in 3 months - I haven't even looked at it. I am so enjoying wool and yarn and knitting patterns - I only want to knit, knit, knit! I finished a cardigan about 3 months ago and it inspired me to knit ALL the time. Also, my knitting projects are portable - I can take them wherever I go - ONE bag with all the yarn and needles. Unlike scrapbooking - I have to pack the kitchen sink.

We finally had some family pictures taken - real photographer (aka not ME) and a beautiful location. We went to Oakwood Park, downtown, in October, and the leaves hadn't even changed yet. This was one of the silly pictures. I am in love with every picture our photographer took. She really captured the essence of our family, our personalities, and our silliness. If only you could see what was happening in between the pictures - that would tell a whole different story. I had to yell at Christian - he would not stop being extremely silly. These will be the only pictures we have of our family done by a professional photographer for - like - the rest of our lives! I did not want the kids ruining it - grrrr. All the whining beforehand, the "why do we have to do this?", the "I don't want to go", the "I don't have anything to wear", AND "I don't want to wear that". EVEN with all that, I am SO glad Eric and I pushed through and we got these forever photos. One of our best photos; yeah, it was SOOOO worth it!

I've been working at Tri Properties for over 2 years now. Wow, where does the time go?  Christian (our oldest) moves out THIS Sunday into an apartment. Do you know how long I've been praying for him to fly out of the nest and be his own man? Noelle, now 23 years old, started her new job yesterday; got her first car and car payment; and is sublimely happy to be working. Cade graduates from High School this May and plans on joining the army. Lots happening - all good. All very good.

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