Thursday, September 17, 2015

On my heart today

On my heart today are so many people, thoughts and dreams...

I think my kids take up most of my thoughts... along with my husband. Thankful that his health is so much better. Three years since his heart transplant... what a journey we have been on. And three kids at home. My biggest joy and my biggest frustration. How can both emotions be there at the same time and the same intensity? But it's the truth.

My artistic side is constantly changing. I love that and I encourage change. I don't want to be stagnant in any area of my life or personality. Spending lots of time looking at embroidery stitches. I have always loved stitching - it is so calming for me. I saw the small embroidery hoop necklaces - can you say ADORABLE! I am practicing stitches in the evening. I had no idea how hard it is to get even stitches and make the stitches pretty and consistent. I am hoping to make Margaret (my bff) a "M" embroidered necklace. Working on it! I found the cutest mini embroidery hoops on I contacted Wendy Gratz, site owner of She emailed me after I signed up for her blog feed - she asked me if I had any questions and if she could help me in any way! What? Hello? I have NEVER had anyone do that before! I am impressed. I asked her if she knew where to find the mini embroidery hoops for necklaces. She emailed me right after with a source on Etsy. How cool is she? Yep. Way cooooool.

Aren't these embroidered flowers in frames gorgeous? I am in serious "like" of these. The picture was posted on Pinterest... I can't find the link now...

Make it a great Thursday!
Heather xo

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