Friday, May 17, 2013

Thankful for today

I am thankful for today.
That I am here, right now, where I should be. Where God put me.
Things have been so hard.
Eric's health; his heart transplant, all the drugs he's on, his fragility.
The week in the hospital with pneumonia. That was so scary.
I wish I could say I am always supportive. Last Saturday, I just cried all day.
But, I have to concentrate on today. Just today.
Because today has enough problems of its own. And I am not promised tomorrow.
When I start to worry or let my mind concentrate on negative thoughts, I start going down.
And fast.
Because I am thinking of next week, or the next month, or even the next year.
I have no control. Over anything. Not one thing.
And any control I think I have, is all an illusion.
An illusion!

I am choosing right now to trust the Lord. Because He loves me.
He is faithful. Always, always has been.
And I'm so grateful. So very grateful.

Heather xo

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