Saturday, June 25, 2011


I'm so giddy! I'm so excited!! I'm speechless!!! well, not quite. BUT I'm going to be published. YES! ME! I'm actually going to have one of my creations put in a magazine. PUBLISHED. I can't believe it. Having my "heart" creations put in a magazine has been one of my goals for 5 years. I can't believe it's about to come true. It truly is.

My first ever layout is going to be published in the October 2011 issue of Cricut Magazine. Everyone go out and buy the issue. NOW. Well, not exactly NOW. But when it comes out in September.

I will also have 2 creations in the Cricut Magazine special issue: Home Decor. Two creations, yeah, baby. I made two 8" X 10" framed layouts to hang in a baby's room. I would share them here, but can't until the magazine comes out - which I believe is in November or December 2011.

My newest goal and one that I am going to work like crazy at: to be published in the Scrapbook Trends magazine. I dream about that, and pray that I will get my layout published in that ONE magazine. I would be so giddy!!

Well, we just got back from a week's vacay in the mountains of North Carolina. What a trip. I love the mountains WAY more than the beach and I love to spend time with my family there. I will post some pictures soon.

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  1. Love your cute blog - that banner between posts is so cute! Congrats on your pubs :)