Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my Christmas List

I have been thinking of all kinds of things I really, really wish (ahem - NEED) for Christmas. Of course, I wish for world peace, peace in my family, good health for all loved ones, and Christ to reign in our hearts.

Now that I have stated the spiritual side of things - I will delve into the more, shall I say, lighter side of Christmas and state my wish list.

I have followed Elizabeth Kartchner's blog forevah and she is always sharing her Instax photos. I want THIS camera (pictured above) so I am going to have to send that link to my dear husband... He can use all the hints and help I can give him. In other words, I would rather get what I truly want rather than gifts that he "thinks" I want. He is really sweet and thoughtful... but sometimes, well, he truly just doesn't get what I truly want.

I also have a wish list at Amazon. Love me some Amazon. I want the Smash book and all the fixings! I would use it as a really cute journal and take it with me to work, to my kids' games, shopping, everywhere! I saw the cutest video (I can't find it now... boo hoo) about a really easy way to "decorate" these Smash book.

LASTLY but surely NOT least - an IPAD. I want an IPAD. I dream of an IPAD. I'll see. Eric knows. So he better... well, we will see.

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  1. I have an Instax in my Amazon wishlist for Christmas too! Hope our wishes are both granted :)