Sunday, January 15, 2012

sorry for long absence!

I got an iPad for Christmas - it has been so much fun just playing with it! I have a few games, a few photo apps, twitter, etc. and I am still lookingfor some great apps. If you know of any I just gotta have - leave me a comment! I would love to play Words with Friends with you, also, so give me a holler. I just purchased a little keypad on Amazon so I can more speedily update my blog. I've been waiting for it so I can type with any kind of "speed" and agility. I spent Friday and Saturday at a crop at Archivers. The store was chock full of new product and I wanted EVERYTHING BUT of course, I had self-control and only spent $30 or so. What I love about attending the crops is the 20% off your entire purchase. And you can still use your 30% off one item coupon, also. I decided to totally free myself up from all my "limits" that I put on myself when I'm scrapbooking - like, the "rules" in scrapbooking. I decided to have FUN and play with my paper, embellishments and photos. Just been reading Ali Edwards blog. Talk about inspiring. Ali never shifts from her FOCUS - TO tell the STORY of your life through scrapbooking. And have fun doing it. I love that. So that is what I focused on on Friday and Saturday. I sat with three really nice ladies and we all got along GREAT. I will be posting pictures of my layouts later this week. Thanks for dropping by.

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