Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thoughts on Cade's 17th Birthday

Where did the time go? I sound like an old woman. Well, I'm feeling more and more like an old woman. My youngest turns 17 - yes, SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD.

He was the cutest little guy evah. I ain't lying. Our whole family was so in love with him. And sweet. Really sweet. Tenderhearted, energetic, compliant, deep thinker, loving, big heart, sensitive, and our son. I remember tucking his angel wings under him when he was a baby.

Now he's a 6 foot tall man - with hairy legs and face - who never wants to shave. He knows he can't have facial hair at school in the 11th grade. In the 12th grade, he can. He'll earn that privilege next year.

But he still has the same big heart and loving attitude. Most of the time. The other "times" I blame on hormones. He still has such a soft heart. But he is so tough. He is a really thick, muscular dude.

And we love him. I'm so glad the Lord gave him to us. Our family just wasn't complete until Cade became a part of it.

Heather, aka mama xoxoxxo

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