Thursday, January 29, 2015

Scrapbooking this weekend!

I am so excited to be scrapping this weekend! Pat, Maggi and me will spend Friday evening and all day Saturday scrapping with about 20 other women. I'm afraid that scrapbooking has died. Or that it's just not as popular as it used to be. Not as popular at all... but when there's a crop, at LEAST 20 women show up. There's no where to go now! Even my church just announced that there would no longer be a crafting weekend at the church every 3 months. I felt like crying. I would go as often as I could. And Leah and Meredith did such a wonderful job scheduling different crafts to learn, passing out a devotion, organizing the tables, setting up and breaking down. Boo hoo. I wish I could step and up and organize the crop - but I have way more than enough on my plate. Maggi is convinced: there IS going to be a paper-apocalypse. She could be right... the scrapbook industry has sure been hit hard in the past two years. Some examples: Archiver's going bankrupt and closing all its stores; mom and pop's stores have all mostly closed; all the scrapbook magazines went digital - then went out of business. I hear there's a few stores left in North Carolina. But no stores in my area.

Changing the subject -

I have been enjoying the following apps lately:

1. Offer Up - much more family friendly site than Craigslist; upload pictures of the items you want to sell - you can only use your cell phone; no "personals" with racey text. I bought a beautiful lamp for our family room through this list.

2. Waze - awesome navigation app; Look what this app can do; it will send you an alert when: there are traffic jams; accidents; gas prices; map issue; police ahead; since I drive 33 miles ONE way to work, and I am going the direction that everyone ELSE in the whole world is going, it is very important for me to know if there's an accident holding up traffic, etc. YAY for this app.

3. OverDrive - This is such a cool app; linked to your county library; Download ebooks and - my favorite - audiobooks! I am addicted to audiobooks now. I listen driving to and from work, at lunch, and even before I go to sleep. Eric will listen to the audiobook and within 3-5 minutes, he's snoring. Better than Ambien or any sleep meds!

4. Voxer - leave a voice message for your bff's; no need to text - just leave a voxer! It's fast, fun and nothing is better - you can hear the person's voice, laugh, expressions; sometimes I can't tell if someone is angry or joking in a text - but I can "hear" how they say something on Voxer and know whether a person is mad, sad, or joking. Great app - try it!

Gotta go!

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