Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whew! What a month!

Today marks the 1 month anniversary since Eric received his new heart. He's been out of the hospital for 3 weeks now and it has made a HUGE difference to our whole family that he is home. Just having him home makes everything seem easier, calmer, and more peaceful. Eric loves sitting in his new recliner and watching all the sports on the TV - especially since he has the oracle of ultimate control in his hot little hands! (aka, the remote control)

Eric is experiencing some rejection issues with his new heart. Last week's heart biopsy showed that he had moderate rejection so the docs quadrupled his steroids for 3 full days to suppress his immune system. He had his 4th biopsy today and the doctor seemed to indicate that Eric has signs of rejection right now. We will know tomorrow when the biopsy results come in. The normal protocol to treat rejection issues is to hospitalize the patient and give high doses of IV steroids. I can't lie... The last thing Eric and I want is to ever walk into that hospital again. But, the Lord IS good. He does absolutely know what He's doing. So Eric and I will have to surrender to Him and continue to trust Him.

I posted so many projects that I created using my Die-Versions dies in my last post. You know what I realized? That I gave way too many instructions!!! Just looking at my projects is enough. Sorry about the length of that post <3

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