Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer has Started!

I am attending a class at a local college here. All about using Wordpress for your blog and your website. I am going to rock my blog! I truly am. I can't wait to learn more. Then I am going to move all my blogging, etc. to Wordpress. I had NO IDEA how many possibilities there are to make your blog an amazing tool for information, for fun, for networking, for sharing your love of ANYTHING. So, I hope to build my blog into something that people will enjoy visiting over and over again.

The latest June Cricut Magazine published one of my layouts. I haven't submitted anything recently due to my husband's health. He is on the heart transplant list at Duke University, currently awaiting a heart. He's been in heart failure for over a year but he is critical now. He stayed 8 days in the hospital recently to stabilize him. He has a picc line that gives him medicine 24/7. We are very excited to see what the Lord is going to do for him.
An old friend sent him this Tin Man to place on our coffee table. You know, the Tin Man needed a heart. Thus, Eric is the Tin Man... I wonder if that makes me the Scarecrow (who needed a new brain.) hee, hee.

I have been uploading a lot of layouts to A Cherry on Top scrapbooking site. Go here if you'd like to see some of my newest creations. I'm going to be uploading a ton more today if I get time and my hubby is feeling ok.

Have a GREAT day! It's raining here... a girlfriend and I are going out to lunch and to see Prometheus (movie). We LOVE scary movies!! Weeeeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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