Thursday, May 14, 2009

Christian is Officially Graduated!

Yes, we now have a son who is officially a graduate of his high school. Congratulations Christian for finishing and congratulations to Eric and I for surviving his 6 years at this school! I remember his first day at this school in 6th grade. I drove him to school, took pictures of him sitting at his desk, and feeling sick about him being there. I cried all the way home that day. But he made it... can you believe it? He doesn't know what to think. I think it hasn't sunk in that he doesn't have to go to school tomorrow. He's done with High School. He has no idea how much he's going to miss everyone and desire to have that same comraderie ever again. After the class' missions trip to Costa Rica, the whole senior class became close... like a family. Brothers and sisters in Christ. So, now, they all go in their separate directions and they will never be the "same". But that doesn't mean it isn't good; it is but in a different way. Here's a picture of Christian graduating: CLASS OF 2009!!!!!!!!

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