Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday in the Mountains

Yesterday it was raining some when we woke up and was a tad bit cooler. It felt really good. Later in the a.m., the sun came out fully and Christian, Noelle and I headed out to shop. Eric was excited to stay home, take a little nap and spend time with Cade. We ended up downtown. We walked down the main street of Boone, stopping in a bead store/coffee shop. I enjoyed an Americano while Noelle had a white chocolate caramel coffee, nonfat milk, no whip (doesn't sound like too much fun to me.) But she is trying to lose any weight she gained in the hospital and get in shape for Dallas Regionals (in 5 days!) We went to the mall (again) where Noelle and I headed to the SALE items in Belk. She got the cutest white shorts; I picked out 3 really pretty shirts with out trying them on. MISTAKE! Only 1 looked good; the other two made me look a lot wider than I am naturally.

Christian drove back to the cabin to pick up Eric and Cade so we could go to lunch. After much discussion, we ate at The Daily Bread restaurant for the 2nd day in a row. I had a salad with apples, cheese and walnuts on it. Noelle had a tuna salad; Eric (& Christian- who has become the world's pickiest eater) had grilled cheese while Cade had a jerk chicken sub. We all left happy and full. We came back to the cabin and all rested. If Cade could he would spend 24/7 on the Wii. He earned an Indiana Jones game (with his grades) and plays it constantly. If he's not doing that, he is playing gameboy. He needs to get more exercise. So does Christian.

Last night, Christian and Noelle went to see "Terminator: Salvation". Eric, Cade and I went to Makoto's for dinner and sat with a really nice family from West Virginia who were in Boone for Thomas the Tank Engine at Tweetsie this week. Sadly, Cade feels too old for Tweetsie now. I"m so sad... it was a tradition for our family. I know it saves us lots of $$ not to go.. but he was our baby and LOVED going. He'd deck himself out in his cowboy boots, sling on his gun and holster and go around Tweetsie looking like the cutest darn cowboy YOU HAVE EVER seen. Awwww... it really makes me want to cry. I know kids have to grow up. But WHY SO FAST!????

Well, gotta go.

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