Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vacation Tidbits

It's already Saturday? No way! Where did all the days go? Some of things we've done so far:
Thursday we ate a HUGE lunch/dinner at Dan'l Boone Inn. We ate family style which means you can have as much as you want of whatever is on the table - they'll bring out more. Ham biscuits, biscuits, steak and gravy, fried chicken, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, and for dessert: either banana pudding or strawberry shortcake. Pretty good.

Then we walked up the hill and I took pictures of where Eric roomed his last 2 years at Boone. A picture or two of my apartment my senior year; a picture of my apt. my sophomore year and summer school. All a serious walk down memory lane. I am going to scrapbook these pictures because I wasn't serious at all about journaling about my college years too much. I wish I had - I could see all that God has done since then!

We walked through the Student Center and I was seriously green with envy. The school has put in a really cool, large coffee house - I don't even think I knew what a latte was until after Eric and I were married! BUT, I would seriously have used that place if it had been there in the 80's. Also, the school store is really cool with all the books and then a grocery/food store on the other side. Also, there was a small cafe where you could sit inside or out. Awesome. Can I say AWESOME - really cool. Word!

That's about as far as we walked around since it was time to go to see the movie "Up", we walked back to our car sitting at the Dan'l Boone Inn. "Up" was really cool. I cried - AND IT"S A DANG CARTOON! Yes, I'm woman enough to admit it. I cried. His wife died and he was left all alone. But that's when the action picked up and he left on an "new" adventure. Really cute. And of course, the bad guy loses and the good guys win. Gotta love that - which I do. I go to movies to leave feeling good. Why don't they make movies so you'll feel good about life when you leave? I don't want everything to be about their so-called "reality".

Anyhoo, we got out of the movie and I could NOT even think about eating after our lunch. So we went to Panera to get coffee (because the streets roll up in Boone around 7pm). We shopped a little in the mall. I got Cade some new basketball shorts that fit. After seeing his shorts looking pretty tight and too short, I knew it was time for some new clothes for him. He could care less what he wears and how it looks on him. So, I need to buy more clothes for him so he doesn't look so "funky" (nice word for it)!

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