Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pictures of Boone 2009

This was our really pretty cabin in the mountains. The only negative was NO view of the mountains. So it wasn't that much fun watching the sunset because you couldn't see anything! But the inside was very cozy and had the hugest T.V. in the famly room I have ever seen. Each kid had a T.V. in their room and that kept them all very entertained. Maybe too entertained?

We were at least a good 4 or 5 miles up the mountain from Boone so we weren't really able to walk to Boone. That's o.k. because we could drive wherever we wanted to go.
We ate a Dan'l Boone Inn which has family style eating. It didn't seem to be as good as I remember it... but I also can't eat that much and they sure do bring a lot of food. We went to the movie "Up" after our huge meal. What a cute movie! I can't believe I cried at an animated movie -but the beginning was VERY sad. I think Eric and I liked the move more than the kids!
Did you see our new kitten, Q-tip?? We adopted her in Boone. Long story which I will share later. She is a doll baby and we all love her. Our other cat, Sophie, on the other hand, is not handling this new "intruder" in her life very well. Poor Sophie... her life really blows now. But I love her just as much and try to show her all the time.
Gotta get to bed.

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