Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Girl is in College

Doesn't she look cute and happy? Well, she IS ready to be on her own. AND we are very happy that she's ready. It would have been hard to leave her if she was scared... or didn't really want to go to college. Eric and I have always said that Noelle was born ready to be independent. After we left her on Friday, we were so excited for her!! I mean, I would have LOVED going to college at NGU - LOVED IT - and so I am SO happy for her to be attending there AND playing soccer for them. She is going to have a fantastic four years there.

Eric and I plan to go see about 3 -4 of her soccer games. Since she's about 5 1/2 hours away, we won't be attending many home games but we will travel to Charlotte and Banner Elk for 3 or 4 games. I DO wish we lived closer... but there's not a more perfect place for Noelle. So... we'll go when we can. I am already missing seeing her practice and play soccer. I have been driving her all over the southeast for at least 7 years to play soccer games and tournaments. I almost don't know what to do with myself on the weekends without her. She kept our family hopping with all her activities and drama. Well, at least we can concentrate more on our 2 boys. I believe Cade is enjoying all the one-on-one attention from us. Since he's the baby, he has always had to share his parents' attention with either Christian (his older brother) or Noelle. He's a funny kid too, with a great sense of humor. At least he won't be graduation from high school for 5 years. We can enjoy him for many years yet. If Cade wasn't around, I think Eric and I would be so sad that Noelle left and Christian is mostly gone. Christian lives at home but between work, school, and friends (and the occasional girlfriend) we rarely see him!

Look at this picture of Christian hugging Noelle good bye. It looks more like Noelle is hugging Christian good-bye - he was so grumpy all morning while we packed Noelle's "things". Eric asked him why he was so irritable and Christian said he was upset that Noelle was leaving. He doesn't know how to show his emotions... but he is very sensitive inside. He and Noelle got a lot closer the months before she left.

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