Tuesday, February 7, 2012


What happened to all my typing? It's gone... Well, here I go again. I have been extremely busy - Cade's basketball practices and games, Cade's soccer practices and games, my work, school, family, learning my new iPad, scrapbooking, working out, work - but I would rather be busy than sitting around. I bought a $25 keyboard off of Amazon.com It has bluetooth and is re-chargeable. It's amazing albeit a lttle on the small side. But you can't beat it for the price! Made by MiniSuit for Apple iPad. I have a few layouts to share with you that I haven't posted yet. o dear, I can't figure out how to get a layout from my photo app to blogger. I will upload it tonight on my laptop. I'm meeting Eric to go to Cade's Middle School tournament game in basketball. First game of the tournament. Maybe we'll win - if so, we will have another game with a higher seed on Thursday. The basketball season is such a LONG season! At least 20 games over 3 months. And it's not like Cade is very good. He's extremely athletic - just never practices shooting or dribbling... He says his game is soccer. He played Sunday in the Greensboro tournament and scored all 4 goals for the team. He didn't play at Saturday's 2 games because he was at our church's Middle School retreat.

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