Monday, February 27, 2012

Mountain Weekend

Another great weekend in the mountains! We all planned on going snow TUBING on Friday evening and we had the warm clothes and the attitudes to boot! MY main concern was that we would all end up with broken bones.

Well, the slopes closed around 5 pm due high winds - 30 mph gusts! So, we were not able to go "tubbing" (as Teshia affectionately called it). I would have been extremely disappointed if it weren't for the fact that it was SOOOOO cold and the winds were bitingly chilly. Just thinking of tubing down the slope and being blown off the mountain by the wind was kinda a scary feeling.

We ate dinner at Mellow Mushroom - delicious pizza and salads. Michelle G. and I slept upstairs in the loft of the house. The roof is lined with sky lights; therefore, the wild, noisy wind would wake us up all through the night. The wind didn't die down until late a.m. on Saturday and there was snow flurries all through the day.

After Sat. lunch at Macado's, we headed to Blowing Rock to continue shopping. I bought Ugg's brown clogs at Monkees along with the cutest sock monkey mittens - ALL 50% OFF! I also purchased really cute reading glasses 1/2 off. I used my grammar tutoring money for the purchases so I was thrilled with that.

Dinner reservations at the Bistro Roca were at 6:30 pm. The 7 of us were seated in the back of the restaurant - but by the time we left, I wished that they had seated us IN THE PARKING LOT! Teshia was in rare form - and I couldn't believe Michelle C.!! I was completely shocked. That's all I'm going to say about that. (with a Forrest Gump accent...)

I ate the most delicious salmon dinner. We celebrated Maria's Birthday and ate black & white cake from Blue Moon Bakery. It was delicious!! I gave Maria a silver flower and heart necklace - I loved it and I knew that Maria loved flowers - so I was so happy that she liked it!

I'm tired after such a busy weekend. We laughed so much that I cried - especially about Teshia. She's so sweet to let us stay in her mountain house all weekend. She is truly generous and sweet.

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