Sunday, March 11, 2012

figuring it out...

i have been thinking alot lately about WHY I scrapbook. I used to feel so much pressure to produce the most amazing pages - hoping that it would get me published in a magazine. That attitude really was exhausting AND took all the joy out of scrapping for me.

I also wanted to keep up and stay current with my pictures. I had all these "rules" to my scrapbooking - like matchng colors on all the pages, or both sides of a two-page layout had to be the same; or how about the "rule" to use only odd numbered items on your layout? I had so many "rules" that I couldn't just go with my instincts and enjoy creating my layouts!

In the past couple months I've come to relax so much more. MOSTLY, because I thought that if it isn't fun and enjoyable to me, then I am not going to waste my time and energies on it any more. Life is way too short for something like scrapbooking to be a chore!

Now, I use pictures to scrap that I want to scrap - not in chronological order either. I put as many or as little pictures on a page based on what looks good to me. I am realizing that it's FUN to scrapbook when I take all the pressure off myself.

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