Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Going Scrapbooking!

I am heading to Virginia Beach, VA for a weekend of scrapbooking with one of my besties - Sally! The crop it associated with the scrapbook store, Beach Scrapbooks. We stay in a motel for the weekend and scrap away. I can't wait! And with my new scrapping organization - using my Scraprack - I am set to go (well, a lot faster than I used to be!) I even bought the extension to the Scraprack on Ebay with 5 spinders because I have so much STUFF. But now I am so organized. I even feel like scrapbooking now because I'm not so overwhelmed with my total disarray of supplies, papers, and embellishments. AND the Scraprack site has FREE organization videos. I have watched most of them and have learned alot about how to organize my supplies: the 6 categories, using color to organize, and the yearly events/holidays sections. It just all makes sense to me and I am going to scrapbook better now that I'm organized. I can feel it! hee, hee.

I have a few pictures of our wonderful weekend in Blowing Rock, NC. We had a great time. The weather was stunningly beautiful and the view off our back porch were priceless.

I am truly an Appalachian State girl and Eric is a App State boy. We fell in love at App State and enjoy every minute in the mountains around Boone and Blowing Rock. I dream that one day Eric and I will own our own piece of the mountain. I pray and hope so!

I have submitted some layouts to Cricut Magazine and Scrapbook Trends and have heard nothing. It makes me so sad. BUT not sad enough to quit submitting AND realizing that I LOVE my pages - whether a magazine validates them or not.

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